Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Whitestone LCN # Big Event No 1

Nicky, Gary and Jenny met up in the holidays and drafted a plan for our big event next week. It is our first time truly bringing as many staff together as possible from across our network and we welcome any Little Wonders, St Kevin's, parents, community members to join us. We are aiming for about 40 participants.

Our learning from this will be further developed when we follow up with another collaborative meeting with our student learners. Ultimately, our students are the drivers and we need to release our handbrakes and enjoy the ride.

We want our Whitestone event to be a fun, informal, social network and learning event modelling  the regional events with a Whitestone edge. The theme is based on the powerful message from Brian Annan's recent workshop in Dunedin. 'The knowledge is within the group. We must draw it out.' You can read about that here or watch a short video about it here.

Whitestone LCN #Big Event No 1

Date: Tuesday 5th August 2014
Venue: St Joseph’s Hall
Time: 3:30-6:30

‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’ Henry Ford
WALHT: Share our combined gifts and talents within the Whitestone LCN (the bigger group, we have the knowledge)
How? Engage and collaborate and contribute to lateral learning progressions promoting student agency

3:30  - 3:50 Refreshments,socialise
3:50 - Welcome & Introductions (JJ) Te Aroha ( LFR)
3:53 - Twitter # event hashtag sharing (SP)
3:55 - Crowd Breaker (GS)
4:10 - Whitestone LCN message (NR)
4:15-  JJ’s LCN/ Change Video
4:20- Learning Progressions idea (GS) Aim for student agency
4:25- Stonefields learning (SW) (LFR slides)
4:35- 5:30  Collaborative group time
6 x groups Reading SC,LFR, Writing SB,CS, Maths SB, SP (Snr & Jnr)
SW, NR, GS, JJ to roam Template & own progressions required
5:30 Pizza break
5:50 Probe News (SC, LFR)
6:00 Latest LCN video & VLN
6:10 Next Steps (GS) Handouts (NR) Whitestone Blog - feedback (JJ)
6:20 Finish

JJ : Hall environment, refreshments
GS: Crowd breaker, google doc for template
NR: Lanyards, Stonefields progressions, goody bag - handouts

As you can see, we really want to make the most of this event and value any further suggestions or ideas.

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