Friday, 27 February 2015

Another step forward for the Whitestone LCN Cluster

Some snippets from our first official meeting for 2015 :

We welcomed some interested principals from other schools and all of us present were asked to contribute . We had 2 minutes each to share where we are on the continuum of
21st Century learning and student agency.

SKC capturing pedagogy - whole school community to understand what this is in a 21st Century learning environment. Readying kids and adapting.
Papakaio - student agency in passion learning, 4PLearning focussing on students leading 20% of learning.
Weston - Student Agency - WIG Wildly Important Goal Skilful thinkers know that happiness helps the learner grow. Parents are a part of this.
St Joe’s - Collaborative design for learning from offices to classroom, everyone team teaching. Collaborative planning online so learners, parents and all teachers can see what is happening - transparency in learning.  Student-directed curriculum, key competency focus underlying all learning.
Ardgowan - development of ICT and SNUP underway learning GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Multiple intelligences and kids are in charge of own learning. Passion projects.

Totara - opened up all spaces and working with team teaching. Individualising learning through IEPs for all children. Kids have choice in leading the learning.

Screenshot from video
Video links mentioned during our meeting:
Engagement in deep learning and change (Video to understand the nature and value of the LCN strategy )
Engage Every student in deep learning for success (Sabbatical video)

Planning for the joint staff meeting  (next Whitestone LCN big event ) took place. It will be held at St Kevin's in the library at 3:45 Monday 9th March. The highlight will be the Year 9/10 students from the feeder schools sharing their perspectives on learning and their transition to high school. This will be a huge step forward with the high school staff participating for the first time in a joint staff meeting with the primary schools.

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