Monday, 9 March 2015

Staff from six schools meet to listen to Yr 10 students

Staff from St Kevin's College, Weston, St Joseph's, Papakaio, Ardgowan and Totara schools came together in the St Kevin's library to focus on collaboration and student agency.

Insightful presentations about the purpose and strength of being part of a Learning and Change network were shared by Nicky from Weston and Paul from St Kevin's. Jenny from St Joseph's shared the video she had made around the value and nature of Learning and Change networks.

Learning and Change video link
The most powerful part of our time together was listening to Year 10 students representing (some who had attended our full primary schools), share their personal experiences around transition to high school. We thank all of the students for the courage that they demonstrated during their talks and their honest reflections.

The information from the students will be collated and shared with us all so that we can use it to inform our next steps.
We finished by creating an inventory of the diverse teaching talents and personal passions of all of the participants across our schools. This will also be collated for the network.

Thanks to St Kevin's for hosting this event. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our capacity as a network as we strive to make a positive difference to student learning and achievement across our schools together.