Tuesday, 21 July 2015

National LCN Networking Hui Auckland July 2015

Nicky, Sharlene and Jenny were fortunate to experience an inspiring two days at the National Networking Hui in the July school holidays. 
Sharlene's presentation Learning through different eyes was very well received and reflected the work that she has done with Weston students contributing to her sabbatical work. 
Participants came to Nicky and Jenny's Sustainability session interested in the way forward for their own clusters now that the official LCN contract has come to an end.

You can access photos, videos and links to learning sessions from the National Networking Hui on this link.

This is the futuristic learning map that we created for our Whitestone network based on discussions around Valerie Hannon's key global themes for learning and change. We shared this with other participants who offered thoughts and ideas based on their own experiences.

When we come together on Friday 24th July at 3:45pm at Weston school we will look at this as a collective and plan our next steps forward. Although the official LCN initiative has come to an end, we want to maintain the momentum and keep moving forward ourselves.

Here is a link to a collaborative agenda for Friday. Please add to it.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Waitaki District Education Forum, Sustainability and Infinity

As the government's Learning and Change network strategy draws to an end in July, we have begun to proactively reach out to other schools across North Otago to share our learning.
Paul sent an invitation to all schools across North Otago. 

This was the agenda :

There was an excellent turnout from across the education sector and some engaging forward thinking discussion and collaboration.
This was Paul's follow up response.
Three of us will be attending the National Network Hui in the July holidays. Sharlene will facilitate a seminar on her work with engaging priority learners.
Nicky and Jenny will focus on sustainability.

This is great representation from the Whitestone Network and we thank the organisers for the travel subsidy we have all received. 
In light of the official conclusion of the government strategy, we would like to especially thank all of the facilitators who have played a key role in our professional growth as a network: Brian Annan, Mary Wootton, Rob Mill and Janine Simpson. We wish Brian, Mary, Jean Annan and Natalie MacGuire all the best with their new venture INFINITY  

As for the Whitestone Network, we are adamant that our network learning will never end. The leaders will come together on Friday 24th July and plan our next learning steps. We are looking forward to bringing to the table our learning from the National Network Hui.