Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mary and Brian in Oamaru sharing Infinity

We were fortunate to be able to welcome Mary Wootton and Brian Annan to Oamaru last week. They have played key roles in the Learning and Change Network developments over the past few years. They have forged ahead with their own company - Infinity where the learning never ends.

They gave us an insight into what they can offer in the way of learning and support for leaders, teachers and families. You can read more about their visit on this link.

Whitestone Education Profile

Thanks to Rob Mill for sharing the Whitestone Education profile with us. This shows achievement information for all Whitestone learners from 2013-2014 and for New Zealand learners 2013-2014.

Please share your thoughts.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Primary students give a presentation to high school teachers

Year 8 (12,13 year olds) students from Weston and St Joseph's shared learning with high school and primary staff across our network.
The primary schools collaborated on google sheets to prepare a slide show presentation.
Here is the St Joseph's presentation.